Errata for ``Linux NFS and Automounter Administration''
By Erez Zadok
ISBN: 0-7821-2739-8

If you have additions to this errata, please reported them to me. Thank you.

Page 197

5th line from the top of the page, (marked with CONFIG_MODVERSIONS): add a bold lowercase "n" at the end of the line.

Page 213

Under Listing 7.10, Bold "root-only" should be "read-only".

Page 357

On Chapter 10, page 357, when describing the ``type:=program'' mount type, the variable name to unmount a file system should be "unmount" (with an 'n'), not "umount" as shown. This should be changed in the second item (in bold font) in the middle of the page, and further below in the "nt" example. Moreover, in that example, the variable assignments for "mount" and "unmount" should use ":=" and not just "=". Therefore, the example should read: nt type:=program;dev:=/dev/hdb1;fs:=/mnt/winnt;\ mount:="/bin/mount mount -t ntfs ${dev} ${fs}";\ unmount:="/bin/umount umount ${fs}" Note that as of am-utils-6.1b3, both "unmount" and "umount" will work (for convenience, since users often confuse one for the other).

Page 434

The ISO-image mounting example in section "CD-ROM Images" works only with Am-utils version 6.1b1 or newer, which can be downloaded from
(Last updated: 2006-10-13)